Smoking the worlds biggest bowl

I wouldn’t have thought that it were possible but it is. 1 Tonne of Cannabis stuck in a bowl ready for the world to smoke. Can you imagine how many people can get high from smoking a Tonne. This isn’t leaf either I’m talking about kilograms of pure skunk hydro weed grown indoors with THC levels above 20%.

With the current state of legislature it’s impossible to conceive that this will happen in the next few years but it could be. Imagine going to the corner store and being able to buy a packet of Marijuana to smoke how you please. This sounds a lot better than people drinking beer rather than some pot out of a weed pipes.

Pot is definitely safer than Alcohol how many accidents are caused by drinking yet very few from people smoking pot that’s because pot actually makes you slow down become more paranoid that you’ll get into an accident. Alcohol does the complete opposite making you reckless and fearless as well as becoming aggressive.

This is the problem with Alcohol everyone is so angry! Go online and check out forums where drunks hang out and you’ll endure a slurry of insults yet go check out the forums of Marijuana smokers and you’ll see how empathetic and humble people are. Everyone shouting out props and actually helping others. Imagine what our world would be like if everyone was stoned instead of drunk.

I’d imagine that nightclubs and such would be pretty dull if people were high on Cannabis instead of high on Alcohol but that’s just one place. Think about Casinos they’d probably get a surge in profits from pot smokers because the guys high on weed are less likely to want to get up for another drink they can just have a smoke therefore drinking a hell of a lot.

While I don’t think anyone is going to smoke out of a massive bowl filled with a Tonne of Marijuana but it is likely that if it were to happen it would mean the end of marijuana prohibition. In order to get that tonne of pot would require an acre of land grown once a year making Marijuana the most profitable crop in America.

One day we are all going to look back at these times when you have millions of people in jail over a stupid plant and these people are going to come back out of jail get jobs, stimulate the economy and we’re going to get back on track rather than the situation where we are in now and everything just sucks.

I like what California has done and even better in the new states like Washington and Colorado where you can buy legal medical grade pot if you live in those states up to an ounce but if you live somewhere else like New York you could face stiff penalties.

The time has come to stand up and vote for your right to make it legal. It’s safer than lots of the other stuff that’s out there now.

It’s not just sex in Thailand

Have you ever wanted to know more about the Sex industry in Thailand? Have you ever wondered why there isn’t more information about the subject? That’s because in Thailand you’re not really supposed to be talking about sex it’s such a taboo topic most schools don’t even educate students on why and how to practice safe sex.

To me the idea of not teaching kids about sex is honestly STUPID! No wonder Thailand has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Asia even though Cambodia is full of child prostitutes it still begs the question as to why so many Thai teens get pregnant at such a young age the average being around 15. I know me when I meet a Thai girl and go with her rarely does she even insist I wear a condom, you’d think more people would have aids because of this in Thailand.

In fact Thailand has a huge rate of AIDS but people don’t really talk about it, it’s out there and it’s in fact eating up generations of Thai’s because that’s how they roll. It’s not that condoms are breaking either in fact the majority of the worlds condoms come from Thailand they have massive factories down in Bangkok churning these things out like you wouldn’t believe. Another interesting fact about Condoms in Thailand is all the sizes are different prices and they make the big size for foreigners who have bigger ones and they are so much more expensive it pays to have a smaller pecker.

But like the title says Thailand isn’t all about sex either there are plenty of cool things to do shopping being one of them. Bangkok shopping is awesome however it is expensive it’s more than what you would buy locally. The locally made garments are at least 50% cheaper than the imported brands because the Thai government adds tax to everything that is imported.

Most guys who live in Thailand don’t if at all rarely visit the nightlife and sex traps of Thailand instead they enjoy the company of some pretty Thai girl in their little apartment or large home.

Not all foreigners are rich in Thailand but to Thai people all foreigners have money. Me I don’t have a cent to my name that’s why i’m writing this story to educate you about the different problems one might face if they decide to come here without any knowledge of what’s going on. You can have such an awesome time that you’ll want to come back again and again or you could get trapped and wonder why you ever come here.

Here’s three reasons why you wouldn’t want to come here:

  • You don’t like asians
  • You don’t like anything to do with the sex industry
  • You can’t stand Thai hookers

If you don’t like any of the above then it’s probably a good idea to never come to Thailand.