Snowshoe Trips

Snowshoe Trips and Rentals

Part of the magic of winter is in the silence of the forest. Freshly fallen snow muffles sound and creates an intimate setting where you feel you’ve got the world all to yourself. An outing on snowshoes can offer a number of pleasant surprises. You might see strange ice formations along a waterfall, or you might venture into a swamp that would be inaccessible any other time of year. One of the best benefits is finding animal tracks crisscrossing the woods. Perhaps you will spot the delicate steps of a fox, the hops of a rabbit, or the pigeon-toed waddle of a porcupine, dragging its tail of quills. And if you are really lucky, you might come upon wildlife itself, since you can move so quietly on snowshoes. Snowshoeing is easy to learn and pleasantly aerobic. When you consider how much time we spend inside, you may want to make the commitment that, this winter, you will embrace the snow and get closer to nature the quiet way, on snowshoes. And w hat about those winter pounds gained from hibernation? A 175-pound person can burn 1,000 calories by snowshoeing for an hour on hilly terrain. Not a bad payoff for having fun. (Excerpts from Michael Tougias Embracing Winter on Shoes Farmers Almanac 2002). Michael Tougias is the author of many outdoor books and has a new book on the Quabbin Reservoir.

Moonlight Wine and Cheese Tours
Come join us under the light of the moon (or headlamps) for a fun and easy walk and see the winter woods in a whole new way! Our experienced guides will lead you on a memorable trip to our secret place. There we will enjoy cheese and crackers, hot cider or your favorite wine.

Fridays & Saturdays 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm – When snow is available

Adults: $38/person Youths: $28.00

A minumum of eight persons needed for trip

Price includes: Snowshoes, guide service, cheese & crackers, hot chocolate and transportation. Wine is not provided on this trip so if you want wine you need to bring your own. (In the event we do not have enough snow locally, our tours will move north to where there is snow.)

Daylight Snowshoe Tours
We will be exploring many of the beautiful trails in Southeastern Massachusetts, experiencing the peace and serenity of the winter woods. Our trips are easy but adventurous giving you just the right amount of enjoyable exercise.

Saturdays 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Adults: $30.00/person Youths: $20.00/person

Price includes Snowshoes, guide service, snacks & refreshments, and transportation. (In the event we do not have enough snow locally, our tours will move north to where there is snow.)

What Should I bring?

For the snowshoe tours, insulated hiking shoes, and layers of clothing. The inner layer should be your thermal underwear (wool or synthetic fabric such as polypropylene), the middle layer is the shirt and pants you wear all day (wool pants & shirt, down, or synthetic fleece such as Polartec), the outer layer should be a shell jacket and pants to protect against the snow, and wind. (nylon ,Gortex or Sympatex). Wool or insulated hat with ear flaps, socks, and gloves or mittens, hand or boot warmers, sunglasses and sunscreen, a day pack or fanny pack and water. We stock a great selection of winter clothing and boots.

Please call for reservations.

We specialize in custom designing tours to meet your group’s specific needs. Please call us and we will help you plan your groups outdoor activity.