Docks and Lifts

Docks and Lifts

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Removable Docks

Take a look at some of the options that we have if you are looking for a dock.

Roll a Dock
Our famous Roll-A-Dock sets the standard for portable dock design. Its height-adjustable wheeled design makes set-up and take down a breeze. Just roll it in the lake in the spring and roll it out in the fall. With a standard 4′ or optional 6′ wide deck, rugged Hewitt construction and a host of options, its no wonder the Roll-A-Dock is our best-seller.

Sectional Dock
For the ultimate in layout flexibility choose a Hewitt Sectional Dock. If you can imagine a dock layout, it can be built. Our Sectional system gives the appearance of a custom-built dock while offering quick setup with modular components. Several decking options are available.

A Vers-A-Dock sectional dock system offers the great appearance and layout flexibility of a post and plank dock. The modular components offer greater economy, quick setup and minimal maintenance.

A Hewitt Floating Dock System is ideal for deep water applications and complex layouts. Advantages include low weight, low maintenance and easy expandability.

Classic Dock
The CLASSIC DOCK system offers the great appearance and layout flexibility of a post and plank dock with 2 optional wheel kits. Quick setup and minimal maintenance

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Boat Lifts

Cantilever Lift

As our #1 seller, the Cantilever Lift provides the right balance of features, strength and value. The simple yet versatile design has proven reliability built-in. The Cantilever Lift is a fine investment for any boat owner who wants maximum protection with a minimum of hassle. Capacities from 700 to 4800 lbs, with wide body models available.

BEST FOR: Steady water levels, shallow waters, lighter boats.

Hydraulic Cantilever Lift

While walking down to the dock, press a button on your wireless remote control. Seconds later your boat is in the water and ready to go. With a reliable, rugged and extremely easy to operate Hewitt Hydraulic Cantilever Boat Lift, you’ll never hesitate to use your boat again.
BEST FOR: Heavy users, steady water levels, shallow waters, heavy boats

Hydraulic Lift

Fast, effortless lifting makes this lift convenient for boat owners who wish to raise their boat out of water often. The lift bed will cycle from fully lowered to fully raised in seconds! A wireless remote control is standard. A solar battery charger is a unique option. Capacities from 4400 lbs to 10,100 lbs.
BEST FOR: Heavy users, steady water levels, heavy boats.

Hi Lift Vertical Lift

Perfect for deep water applications or sites where water levels may vary significantly. The HI-LIFT is based on simple, proven technology and features the same rock-solid, all-alluminum construction found in all Hewitt lifts. Capacities from 1100 to 6600 lbs.
BEST FOR: Fluctuating water levels, deep water, medium weight boats

Heavy Duty Vertical Lift

If you own a larger boat, this lift is designed with you in mind. Similar in design to the HI-LIFT but with many structural improvements to handle heavy loads and large waves. Choose from either a hydraulic lifting system or our original mechanical Hefty-Arm system. Capacities range from 3200 to 12,000 lbs.
BEST FOR: Fluctuating water levels, deep water, very rough waters, high waves, heavy boats

Pontoon Lift

This lift is specially designed for pontoon boats. The lift is extended in length, narrowed in width. Based on a cantilever design, the lift bed lifts the pontoon from under the deck. This eliminates stresses on the pontoons while making landings easier. Capacities ranging from 2000 to 3000 lbs.
BEST FOR: Steady water levels, shallow waters

Personal Watercraft Lift

Chances are your personal watercraft sits on the shore when not in use. Why not protect your investment with a Hewitt PWC lift? Available in single or double models, these affordable lifts are easy to use and solidly built. Capacities range from 700 to 1100 for single lifts and 1200 to 1500 for double lifts.
BEST FOR: Steady water levels, shallow waters


A complete boat launch and recovery system, the Roll-A-Rail can be configured to move a boat or pontoon from the water to shore and even right up to a cabin! A great addition to boat houses. The Roll-A-Rail can even be used to move small seaplanes out of the water for repair or inspection.
BEST FOR: Drydock inspection and repair, boathouse storage, fluctuating water levels

Wet Port

WetPort is a unique slide-on lift system. With no moving parts, the WetPort is virtually maintenance-free. The innovative attachment system bolts directly to a dock for easy installation, and allows the WetPort sliding surface to float freely as water levels fluctuate.
BEST FOR: Frequent PWC use, fluctuating water levels